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We have a winner!


Congratulations to Bob particularly as the results were very close. Several participants missed a week or so and that may well have changed the outcome of the final runners-up. An overall good showing from the participants and if members show a continued interest we will run another Quiz in early 2021. Thank you to all those who participated.

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        1. The face that launched a thousand ships?
          Helen of Troy
        2. Where is the Arctic and Antarctic expedition ship 'FRAM' now?
          Oslo, Norway
        3. In 1716 who devised a method of calculated our distance from the sun using the transit of Venus?”
          Edmund Halley
        4. What was the name of the ship converted to become Captain Cooks 'ENDEAVOUR?
          Earl of Pembroke
        5. Anagram: Two Words; Famous shipping line who had its offices in Liverpool: AEWIHTRST
          WHITE STAR

        6. Historically rung once for good news twice for bad.
          The Lutine Bell
        7. K Adlard Coles famously said. The best bilge pump of all is?
          A bucket in the hands of a frightened man
        8. What’s a Crab?
          A small capstan, usually portable
        9. Few people with ancraophobia become sailors. Why, what are they afraid of?
          The Wind
        10. Eternal Father strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave... Name the hymn
          For those in Peril on the Sea

        11. A flat, sloping surface created by slicing the edge off a timber.
        12. A trader in black cargo ---T---  ---ODO--  -A-O-
          Captain Theodore Canot
        13. What’s the name and occupation of the RNLI’s most decorated lifeboatman?
          Henry Blogg, Crab Fisherman & Deck Chair Attendant
        14. What’s the Cockpit on a Ship?
          The surgeon’s compartment, or sickbay
        15. Which two Scottish Islands share the same five letters.
          Orsay and Soray

        16. What always points to black.
          The arrows on cardinal marks
        17. What do UK shipping forecast areas Bailey, Viking, the Forties and Dogger have in common?
          None of the areas touches the land
        18. What remains in Pandora’s box.
        19. Drooping ends of a hull.
          A hog
        20. If a ship sails 10 leagues how many nautical miles has she travelled?
          30 nautical miles

        21. How can you tell when you’re in the Northern or Southern hemisphere without the use of a sextant or GPS?
          Bathwater allegedly empties Counterclockwise in the northern with southern hemisphere Clockwise - Known as the Coriolis effect
        22. Liverpool based shipping line from 20 years ago. SMPRDDEEERET - two words.
        23. What ruined the life of Joseph Bruce Ismay.
          The sinking of the Titanic
        24. Where would you normally find Stealers on a traditional wooden boat?
          At the Bow or Stern
        25. On which side of a ship did wealthy people travel to and from India.
          Port out Starboard home - POSH
        26. What’s another name for the International Load Line?
          Plimsoll Line
        27. Heavy material such as iron, lead or stone,
        28. How many miles of coastline are covered by the RNL lifeboats in the UK and Ireland?
        29. A Sailing vessel having two masts, the 'aft', i.e. rear mast, being taller than the forward mast is called a …….
        30. The middle of a vessel, either longitudinally or transversely

        31. What is the name of the archipelago that includes Hirta?
          St. Kilda
        32. What commonly separates a coastline from a nearby island.
          A Sound
        33. What must binoculars include to enable the measurement of distance at sea?
          A Graticule
        34. Anagram of OVERLENT. Harbour famous for its smuggler's moorings.
        35. What does the nautical 'A' flag signify?
           Alfa, “I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed.”
        36. How many compass points are there?
        37. A dog watch lasts for how many hours?
        38. A tide that has two equal daily high waters and two equal daily low waters is known as what?
          Semidurnal tide
        39. What is the name of the most reliable and effective fuel fume detection system you can have aboard your vessel, and how is it activated?
          Your nose, and it is of course activated by “sniffing”
        40. What are the light characteristics of a navaid when it is shown on the chart as “ISO”, for ISOPHASE?
          All durations of light and darkness are of equal length

        41. What do the initials “CQR” stand for?
          The “plough” anchor was designed by Professor G. I. Taylor of Cambridge University in England. He called it the “CQR”. “CQR”, if said rather quickly, stands for the word SECURE
        42. In the naval term 'freeze the balls on a brass monkey', what is a brass monkey?
          In days of old, cannonballs were piled on the deck beside the cannon in pyramid fashion and retained in a ring called a brass monkey. If the weather was very cold, the brass ring would contract faster than the iron cannonballs, causing some of them to topple. From this, the expression was and is today, used to describe something that is very cold.
        43. In the North Atlantic, they’re called hurricanes; in the North Indian Ocean, cyclones. But the Australians occasionally use a different name. What is it?
          Willywah, Willie-Willie, Willy-Willy, Willi-Willi or anything similar.
        44. After the mutiny on the Bounty, where did Christan Fletcher and his mutineers settle?
          Pitcairn Island
        45. What is the meaning of the nautical term ‘avast’?
        46. What was the name of the ship commanded by Captain Pugwash?
          The Black Pig
        47. In the Mediterranean Middle Ages, points of the compass were identified by names of winds. What was the wind name for North?
        48. What is the origin of the phrase "son of a gun”?
          In historic sailing ships, women were occasionally smuggled aboard - and many naturally became pregnant in due course. Childbirth at sea traditionally happened between cannons on the gun deck, and the child was recorded in the ship's log as a son of a gun.
        49. With a centre mounted left-handed propeller and the boat in reverse gear, will prop walk take the stern to port or starboard?
        50. What is the name of the seaside town terrorised by Jaws?

    1. NamePoints Total
      1. Bob Angell41.5
      2. Richard Watters37.5
      3. Billy Thompson31.5