Nautical Quiz Answers


Question Number

  1. The face that launched a thousand ships?
    Helen of Troy
  2. Where is the Arctic and Antarctic expedition ship 'FRAM' now?
    Oslo, Norway
  3. In 1716 who devised a method of calculated our distance from the sun using the transit of Venus?”
    Edmund Halley
  4. What was the name of the ship converted to become Captain Cooks 'ENDEAVOUR?
    Earl of Pembroke
  5. Anagram: Two Words; Famous shipping line who had its offices in Liverpool: AEWIHTRST

  6. Historically rung once for good news twice for bad.
    The Lutine Bell
  7. K Adlard Coles famously said. The best bilge pump of all is?
    A bucket in the hands of a frightened man
  8. What’s a Crab?
    A small capstan, usually portable
  9. Few people with ancraophobia become sailors. Why, what are they afraid of?
    The Wind
  10. Eternal Father strong to save, whose arm hath bound the restless wave... Name the hymn For those in Peril on the Sea

  11. A flat, sloping surface created by slicing the edge off a timber.
  12. A trader in black cargo ---T---  ---ODO--  -A-O-
    Captain Theodore Canot
  13. What’s the name and occupation of the RNLI’s most decorated lifeboatman?
    Henry Blogg, Crab Fisherman & Deck Chair Attendant
  14. What’s the Cockpit on a Ship?
    The surgeon’s compartment, or sickbay
  15. Which two Scottish Islands share the same five letters.
    Orsay and Soray

Those who add more than one answer will be given a half-point but only if it's the first answer which is correct.  Now that some of the questions are getting a little harder, it remains close.

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NamePoints Total
1. Bob Angell12
2. Richard Watters9.5
3. Mike Beckett9