1. Aims and Objects
The Association shall be called Nobby Owners Association. The objects of the Association are to encourage the maintenance and preservation of Morecambe Bay Prawners (Nobbies). Also their racing in accordance with the rules of the Royal Yachting Association.

2. Membership
(a) There shall be the following classes of membership: (i) FULL MEMBERS - Any owner or part owner of a Nobby shall be entitled to be a Full Member of the Association. (ii) ASSOCIATE MEMBERS - Any other person interested in the objects of the Association shall be entitled to be an Associate Member of the Association. (iii) LIFE MEMBERS - The members in General Meeting may on recommendation of the Committee confer on any person Life Membership. In making such recommendation the Committee shall have regard to services rendered to the Association or a long connection with the Association by way of membership or otherwise. Life Members shall pay no subscription but shall pay such other dues as may be applicable. Life Members shall have all the privileges and rights of Full Members irrespective of whether they shall at any time own a Nobby.

(b) Any person wishing to be elected to Full or Associate membership shall apply to the Hon. Secretary on a form provided by the Association. Such application must be countersigned by two other members as Proposer and Seconder. Such person shall thereupon become a Member of the appropriate class and his name shall be brought to the attention of the Committee at its next meeting.

(c) The assets of the Association shall belong solely to the Full Members in equal shares per Nobby. Liabilities of the Association shall be shared in the same way.

3. Officers
The Officers shall consist of a President, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary. They shall be elected from among members by ballot at the Annual General Meeting (having first been proposed and seconded in writing by two other members).

4. Committee
(a) The affairs of the Association shall be managed in accordance with these rules by a Committee consisting of the Officers, and four Full Members elected or appointed as provided for in Rules 3 and 5.
(b) The Committee shall fill any casual vacancy arising among the Officers as soon as possible but shall continue to manage the affairs of the Association despite any vacancy.
(c) The Committee may co-opt members of the Association to the Committee as deemed necessary.

5. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of February at such time and place as the Committee may appoint, notice of which shall be sent to each member at least 28 days before the meeting. All nominations for officers and notice of matters to be raised at such meeting (other than proposals for alteration of the rules) must reach the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Full Members representing not less than six Nobbies shall form a quorum at a General Meeting.

6. Business at Annual General Meeting
At the Annual General Meeting, the report of the committee and statement of accounts shall be submitted, the officers elected, auditor appointed and any other business for which notice shall have been given to the Hon. Secretary in accordance with Rule 5 transacted but no formal business of which such notice shall not have been given shall be transacted.

7. Alteration of the Rules
Proposals for alteration of the rules of the Association can be considered only at an Annual General Meeting. Any proposal for the alteration of the rules shall be delivered to the Hon. Secretary in writing and signed by the member proposing the alteration and countersigned by one other member entitled to vote on or before the first Monday in January in any year for consideration to the Annual General Meeting. The proposed alteration can only be carried by the assent of two thirds of the members of the Association present at the meeting in person or by proxy who are entitled to vote. Any proposal amendment of the details but not of the principle of any such proposed alteration shall be delivered to the Hon. Secretary in writing not less than 7 days before the Annual General Meeting and if duly seconded may be considered by the Annual General Meeting as an amendment to the first proposal.

8. Special General Meetings
The Hon. Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting on receiving directions to that effect from the Committee or on receiving a requisition to that effect, stating the object of the proposed meeting signed by members representing not less than six Nobbies. The meeting shall be held within 28 days of the Hon. Secretary receiving the requisition and notice of the meeting its place and time and its object shall be sent to each member at least 14 days before the meeting.

9. Voting Rights
All members shall have the right to speak at a General Meeting but those eligible to vote are Full Members who in the case of joint ownership shall have two votes per Nobby.

10. Proxies
Subject to Rule 9 a Full Member unable to be present at a General Meeting may appoint in writing any other member of the Association to represent him at the meeting and to vote on his behalf.

11. Subscriptions
Subscriptions shall be fixed by the Committee and shall become due on or before the Annual General Meeting in each year and shall be in respect of the year to the Annual General Meeting following. Any person becoming a member during such a period shall forthwith pay the current annual subscription.

12. Committee Meetings
The Hon. Secretary shall give to Committee Members seven days’ notice (or less if three-quarters of them shall agree) of Committee meetings stating the business for which the meeting is called. Four members shall form a quorum for a Committee meeting.

13. Trustees

  • 13.1 The property of the Association must be vested in the Officers and one other Member of the Committee who together shall constitute the first Trustees appointed by the Committee.
  • 13.2 The Trustees must deal with the property as the Committee from time to time directs by Resolution.
  • 13.3 The Trustees may be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Association’s property.
  • 13.4 The Trustees hold office until death or resignation or until removal from office by the Committee.
  • 13.5 Where by reason of death resignation or removal it is necessary for a new Trustee or Trustees to be appointed the Committee must nominate the person or persons to be appointed a new Trustee or Trustees.
  • 13.6 To give effect to a nomination of new Trustees the President is now nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Association within the meaning of the Trustee Act 1925 Section 36 and he must appoint the person or persons nominated by the Committee.
  • 13.7 In the event of the Officers or any of them refusing to accept an appointment as a Trustee or resigning the Committee shall be empowered under Rule 13.5 to fill that vacancy.

14. Duties of Honorary Treasurer All payments made to or by the Association shall be made through the Hon. Treasurer who shall keep a correct account of same and prepare a statement showing the financial position of the Association and a Balance Sheet for the Annual General Meeting.

15. Auditors
The members shall at the Annual General Meeting appoint an Auditor or Auditors to audit the accounts for any year and to report thereon to the Annual General Meeting following. The Committee shall appoint a replacement in the event of a casual vacancy arising among the Auditors.

16. Cessation of Ownership
Any Member on ceasing to be the owner or part owner of a Nobby forthwith shall cease to be a Full Member but may elect to become an Associate Member of the Association without formality.

17. Change of Ownership or Address
Any member who shall dispose of his Nobby or share in a Nobby shall immediately inform the Hon. Secretary. Any member changing his postal address shall notify the Hon. Secretary.

18. Use of funds
The funds of the Association, after paying all expenses, may on the vote of the Annual General Meeting be devoted to the furtherance of the objects of the Association or such other objects as such meeting shall direct.

19. Loans
The Committee shall be empowered to raise funds, by way of loans, from members for furthering the objects of the Association.

20. Flag
The Association flag shall be a red burgee with a Nobby logo in white in the centre.