A Royal Mersey Restricted Class, we have now been advised that she may be even more unique. Completed in June 1913 to a design by GH Wilmer (the designer of the first in the class, the yacht AVIS 1906), she's built to the RMRC specification but with a slightly shorter length a slightly heavier build, and a deeper keel. Phyllis is the only example of this class currently afloat using a hull form based on the very successful Lancashire 'nobby' design.

The first owner FW Whitely, a longstanding member of the RMYC and a restricted class yachtsman, who commissioned her, is said to have sailed her directly to Hibre Island where his family still today keep a summer cottage on the island. Phyllis is named after his eldest daughter. We have no history of her ever been raced in the restricted class as after the first world war gaff rigs were abandoned by the racing fraternity. The RMYC introduced a smaller version of one design named the Rivers Class.

Today Phyllis keeps company with the Nobby Owners Association and looks forward to going out with the buoys, the old gaffers, and any hookers who are around. She is on the National Small Boat Register (R1387) as a vessel of historical maritime interest. Carvel-built, pitch pine on oak frames, her restoration was completed in 2010 and she was nominated on the shortlist for the 'Classic Boat' magazine restoration of the year.

Phyllis has her own dedicated website which plots her history and restoration along with extensive information about the RMYC Restrictor Class including some interesting historic logs and photographs: The Yacht Phyllis.

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