Maud Raby

In partnership with my son Matthew, and cousin Paul I am the current owner of Maud Raby. The picture is of her in the Lune Estuary near Glasson in 2018. More recently she has been in the Glasson Dock basin while we have prepared to get her out for renovations. We have been sorely delayed by Covid, hence two years in Glasson. This month (Aug 2021) we have been building a trailer at Glasson Sailing club so that we can pull her out and have a good look and think about what to do next. We hope to get her out soon.

Maud Raby is an approx 31 foot nobby built at Crossfields in 1937. She currently has a three-cylinder air-cooled Lister in her and is set up for fishing under power. Though it is unlikely the engine functions after she sadly sank having broken a mooring line while in the Lune in early 2018. As to the future we are not very sure until we have a good look. In principle, we would like to set her up to sail and, perhaps, fish. Before that she certainly needs re-caulking, deck repair, and if she is to sail a mast and rigging. Probably needs a new engine.

Paul and I first knew Maud Raby in the 70s when she was moored off the central Pier (near the Clock Tower Landing Stage) in Morecambe. At that time she belonged to Johnson Raby who was a friend of our grandad, Dick Woodhouse. Grandad then owned Kelpie (LR1) a 34-foot Crossfields Nobby which we spent a lot of time on.  He sold Kelpie in the late 70s and we think she went to N Wales. Grandad also looked after Sir William Priestley which Paul and I well remember painting and tidying up in the 70s. Although we have a strong connection with Nobbys, Matthew is a passable dinghy sailor, and Paul has the maritime experience, we are not skilled or knowledgeable on wooden boats. So it is going to be rather a voyage of discovery for us. I expect we will be seeking advice!

3 thoughts on “Maud Raby

  1. Jacqueline Liverød

    My mother is the daughter of Maud Raby. Johnson Raby was her brother. It would be interesting to know what your plans are for the boat. I am speaking to my mother on messenger. My mum was wondering if there is a family connection as the name woodhouse is included in their family tree.

  2. Andrew Dennis

    Hello Jacqueline, The plan for Maud Raby is not clear in detail right now. Our intention is to renovate her, and if at all possible sail her. We have now pulled her out and she is on the boat park at Glasson. The next step is to clean her off and have a really good look. As I mentioned in the notes I am not an experienced sailor or boat owner so I don't feel confident in making a prediction about whether she will ever be sailable. I feel pretty certain we can get her back on the water within the next two years. There might well be a family connection, my grandad never mentioned it, but my mum or aunt may know.

  3. Kathryn Crouch

    My best friend is part of the Raby family. I am trying to find a picture of the boat to give her as a monkey for Christmas. Can you tell me where I can find one to purchase for her. Thanks

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