Master Frank

Although not built as a Morecambe Bay Prawner, she has many attributes from the traditional Nobby design. This classic boat is very special and a good friend of the Nobbies. With a 38ft overall length, 24ft 6in on the deck and a draft of 5ft 3in she sails exceptionally well. Based at her homeport of Ramsey (IOM).

Master Frank, a traditional longliner, was lovingly restored by her owner, Joe Pennington, in the 1990s.

This Manx half decker fished for many years in the Irish Sea from Whitehaven as 64WA before returning to the island and being registered as RY95 (Ramsey).

Master Frank's elm keel is protected by the addition of an iron 'rocker' keel which undoubtedly saved her from the daily grounding of her hull in Ramsey harbour. This design was innovative when it was built, as at the time it was only found on yachts. No doubt her builders had taken a few tips from the yachts that overwintered there.