Sir George Pilkington

She is the last known surviving Southport nobby. The Southport nobbies tended to be 42 ft and over because of the exposed coast, she was fished normally by one man and a boy. Registered as LL78 (Liverpool).

pilkingtonThis vessel was built by the Wright Brothers of Marshside in the open, she fished Southport, Hoylake and North Wales. She lay derelict for years in the Weir in Warrington, until Fred Turner bought her and carefully rebuilt her over 4 years.
She now resides in France.

2 thoughts on “Sir George Pilkington

  1. Andy Kirkby

    Still a solid sea boat... I love her (& George !! - some of you will know 'Pilkington' got her name because of George's beloved wife Elizabeth's family bereavement). Fred T. did a great job and with lots of ongoing restoration, 'Lizzie' Pilkington has crossed the channel several times but now resides in France... Next venture for LP will be French canals and the Med...where she will continue to be an ambassador for wood & her roots in Marshside.
    AK - Current proud caretaker.

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