Arthur Alexander

Now being restored by member John Hodson.  This 33ft Nobby was designed by Stobie and built by Armours of Fleetwood in 1902.  She fished out of most of the ports in Morecambe and was used as a fireboat during the war at Liverpool Docks.

The Arthur Alexander was the subject of a Granada TV documentary as she had sunk in the mud on the River Wyre, Fleetwood, for three years before being successfully raised by association member Stan Hurley.  Stan then subsequently sold her to Michael Griffiths (honorary member). Mike then spent three years bringing her back to a good condition.

She was the winner of the 1988 Liverpool Nobby Race and has been sailed to Isle of Man, Scotland and Ireland.  It's anticipated that John Hodson will return her to the original name TERN, watch this space.

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  1. ‘Tern’ of which is currently named as ‘Arthur Alexander’ ( soon to revert back to Tern) was designed by William Stoba and was built by Gibson’s of Fleetwood in 1893, according to Nick Miller in his book on the Lancashire Nobby.

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