Conwy to Liverpool May 2018

Saturday 19 May 2018

Just before the closure of the sill at Deganwy Marina [05:00 hrs], an early morning start, on the last of the ebb to catch the flood shortly after passing the Gt. Orme. Two nobbies, ourselves, Phyllis from Deganwy and Comrades from Conwy, en-route to Liverpool to rendezvous with the Tall Ships over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

We managed a little sailing until we got to the Orme and we had to motor sail most of the way. Rhyl Flats and we crossed a massive algae bloom brought on no doubt by the nice warm weather. Not a single turbine blade turned on any of the windmills as we passed them by. A leisurely cruise to lose some passage time so we could enter the Mersey via Rock Channel which is only navigable typically a few hours either side of HW. New Brighton, as expected, was full of families enjoying the sunny day.

Finally on a berth at 14:20 hrs, after our lock-in. Then to catch up with other Nobby owners and share a few jars of liquid refreshment.

Bryan helms PHYLLIS while I take some pics & get breakfast on.
Bob & Clive - COMRADES - Time for a Brew..!
COMRADES cruising towards the early morning sunrise.