Tom has highlighted the fact we lost a majority of the Irish and Isle of Man membership of the Association a number of years ago. This occurred due to the fact Nobby owners in Ireland and in the Isle of Man were unable to attend our events on a regular basis, and as a result, there was no real benefit in remaining a member either to the individual or the Association.

Coincidently Rupert Cottrell resident in the Isle of Man and previous owner of ESK, has contacted Tom to ask if he could assist in some way in promoting the Nobby Owners Association both in the Isle of Man and Ireland. Rupert said he would be more than happy to be the Association representative in the Isle of Man and hopefully be able to regenerate interest, and in particular, convince some of our previous members it is worth rejoining.

Your President agreed this was an excellent idea and is grateful to Rupert for suggesting it, and all agreed Tom should liaise with Rupert to establish a way forward.