The Eric Bergqvist Nobbies

Eric Bergqvist, in 1979, who was a boat builder based at Lymn, Cheshire and Fiddlers Ferry, alongside the River Mersey took a moulding from the Morecambe Bay Prawner 'Sir William Priestley' built as a lifeboat (1934), by Crossfield's of Arnside, for fishermen in the bay.  The original boat is in the Lancaster Maritime Museum, sadly in very poor condition. You can read more about the 'Sir William Priestley' on this webpage here.

GRP Nobby Minx
Minx with Paul Jolley, Penny at the helm.

The mould was used to make glass-reinforced plastic hulls and decks for completion by home builders.  It's reputed that some 20 plus boats were produced from the mouldings, but from our records, the whereabouts of only 14 are known. At 27ft 6in overall, a beam of 9ft 6in and a draft of 3ft 6in these boats have a great pedigree from the classic Nobby hull shape and are relatively easy for the home boat builder to complete.

Over the years the moulds have been through a couple of owners and today reside in Glasson, Lancashire. If any reader is genuinely interested in obtaining either or both hull and deck mouldings, please contact the Association in the first instance.

The table below is replicated using information available from our associations' records and the work of Paul Jolley - South West OGA area who owns the boat, Minx from one of the Eric Bergqvist moulds.

Eric Bergqvist Nobbies

BUCKIE LUGGER 1980 On the Clyde
LINDA 1983 Andy Jarvis Morecambe
BERYL 1984 Lower Halstow, Faversham
MARY ELIZABETH 1988 Built for the opening of the Liverpool Tate - Location Unknown.
FREDA 1989 Portsmouth
MINX 1995 Paul Jolley Brixham
JEAN East Coast
JEAN Fiddlers Ferry, Merseyside
TERN Fiddlers Ferry, Merseyside
LUCY Wardleys Creek, River Wyre
BLACK JACK Bristol Channel
PRIDE of LIVERPOOL Nobby Association River Douglas - ex Pride, in restoration.
VENTURE Heswall, Reg. C45
Bare Hull Scotland

* The first owner of 'Buckie Lugger' acquired a hull off Eric Bergqvist around 1980. He then spent 10 years fitting her out. The boat was kept at Inchinnan Cruising Club near Renfrew on the Clyde. The club had a large number of members with shipbuilding experience so there were always people on hand to help with the fitting out. The cabin of the boat was designed around the owner's height. She was sailed on the Clyde and Western Isles. She was sold to a new owner in 2020 as the first owner at 80 had become too old to sail. It's thought that she is still kept on the Clyde.



4 thoughts on “The Eric Bergqvist Nobbies

  1. Andy Jarvis d

    Hello, I'm Andy Jarvis, owner and builder of the Linda. I built her starting in early 1983 and used her for shrimping full time until 2000 when I deregistered her, she is still at Morecambe where I still do a bit of part time fishing. I think Eric had only made one hull before Linda, for himself. At the time his price for a hull was £1000 but I had her built thicker than his and the keel filled in and a moulded deck shelf was £1600 delivered to Morecambe!

  2. Anthony Cameron

    Hi, FYI Buckie Lugger is still on the Clyde in the same yard/club she has always been. My dad sold her in 2020 but the new owner will keep her on the Clyde I will make him aware of this site.

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